The Ultimate Guide to Bespoke Wardrobes

Bespoke Wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobes are built for a particular room and each individual buyer. They serve as major components in the design of a house because they store items in a beautiful yet intelligent manner. Investing in one of our custom wardrobes ensures that your bedroom closet doesn’t overshadow the rest of your chicly furnished spaces. Designer custom wardrobes provide the option to customise their combined configurations of hanging, shelves, and draw units, which will help assist in organising any space. Kick generic wardrobes to the curb and welcome elegant custom storage creations that enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Understanding Bespoke Wardrobes

Tailor-made wardrobes are storage closets that are individually built to fit a specific space and personal needs. Unlike off-the-shelf wardrobes, which come in standard sizes and designs, tailor-made wardrobes are completely customisable to suit the exact specifications and tastes of the user. This customisation makes it possible to make the best use of a space, and ensures that every inch of the wardrobe is utilised efficiently. A major reason to choose tailor-made wardrobes is that you can have something that is tailored to your exact specifications and style preferences. This high level of customisation means you can create a storage solution that enhances your home’s visual appeal and functionality, because it perfectly complements its overall aesthetics. With the choice of tailor-made wardrobes, homeowners can bring their personal style and design choices into their living spaces, and create a unique and customised storage solution.

Customisation Options for Bespoke Wardrobes

Explore the vast selection of customisation choices that will allow you to design a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that is perfect for your needs. Do not underestimate the importance of accurate measurements of the space where your wardrobe will be installed. Furthermore, view the different wardrobe ranges on offer by Taylored Room Designs that cater for different tastes and styles.

Maximising Wardrobe and Storage Space with Clever Solutions

Optimising space and keeping organised are crucial roles in a wardrobe; effective storage solutions can help. Taylored Room Designs have an entire range of ingenious storage mechanisms which pad out every inch of space in the sleek wardrobe. From pull-out shoe racks for slippers to hanging one-plot units for necklaces and watches. If you have even the smallest accessory like a ring or cufflink you want to store and organise, then dividers and small item drawers can be built-in for you. With these internal features, your wardrobe is at its most optimal space ever but is also beautifully made.

Tailored Design for Personalised Home Bedroom Furniture with Style

Custom-made wardrobes are all about customisation as the name suggests. That’s why at Taylored Room Designs, we are all about customisation; we specialise in the personalised customisation of wardrobe designs specific to the individualistic style of the homeowner. This approach gives us the ability to provide a vast range of options in materials, finishes, and accessories, consequently resulting in every individual wardrobe design being ONE OF A KIND. Whether it’s a unique wood type, an imported finish, custom hardware fittings or all three, we ensure that each customisation is all about the specifics that the client dictates while designing the closet. The whole idea is to make it as much of a tailored-process as possible. We ensure to have a complete closet consultation with each client to give them the opportunity to meet our closet customer consult that is assigned to them. This assigned consultant will work with the client, guiding them through the process in person, via email, or over the phone, making sure all the necessary questions are being answered and all the client’s desires are being met. Shortly thereafter, we prepare all print handouts, triple-checking all items, designs, and styles to ensure everything requested by our closet consultant is accurate for their final sign off on the design.

Enhancing Home Organisation with Bespoke Wardrobes

Adding a custom-made closet to your home is a wonderful investment. Customising your storage space will not only improve your organisation but also improve your way of living. The adaptability of these closets allows you to create spaces that are built for you. Closet designers strive to deliver each homeowner’s specific needs. Incorporating these features in any setting allows for detail-organisation and easy access. Implementing various storage solutions will help homeowners optimise every nook and cranny of their space. Incorporating shelves, drawers, and hanging rods enables homeowners to store clothing, shoes, accessories, and any other item in a neat and orderly manner. Planning each space and incorporating these features in homes creates a well-organised living space. Calling a custom closet designer can help homeowners create a more organised and functional home.

Why Choose Taylored Room Designs for Bespoke Wardrobes?

Our team at Taylored Room Designs is widely recognised for its mastery in the design and manufacture of custom-built fitted wardrobes. The experience we have accumulated over the years of operation in this industry is tremendous, and we are rightly proud of our outstanding reputation. Our work has garnered rave reviews across the board from our many satisfied customers, who laud our commitment to achieving an unparalleled level of excellence with our custom-made fitted wardrobes.

What is the average cost of fitted wardrobes UK?

The typical fitted wardrobe price will be determined by the dimensions, materials, and design features you choose for your fitted wardrobe. The team of experts here at Taylored Rooms Designs have many years’ experience in providing the absolute best fitted wardrobes home owners could hope for. We can say with total certainty that a basic fitted wardrobe will cost somewhere between £1,000 and £3,000. This price could be higher if you choose a high specification custom-built fitted wardrobe, as prices for luxury bespoke wardrobes could go beyond £10,000. The biggest factor determining your fitted wardrobe price will be the materials used. You could go for a cheap and cheerful MDF fitted wardrobe, which will set you back around at least £1,000. Alternatively, if you choose solid wood or high-gloss finishes you can expect to pay a much higher fitted wardrobe price. There will also be additional fitted wardrobe costs for built-in lighting and inside fittings such as shoe racks and hanging rails. As you can see, no average wardrobe costs are really helpful when you’re deciding on the sort of fitted wardrobe to buy. Your best bet is to contact us and let us know what you’re after, and we’ll give you a precise answer on the cost of a fitted wardrobe.


Uncover the infinite advantages of investing in personalised wardrobes from Taylored Room Designs. Revitalise your living space with tailor-created wardrobes that not only enrich the aesthetic of your abode but lend ingenious storage alternatives. Tailored to fit your individual space, our custom-made wardrobes optimise space and organisation, making the most of every inch. Banish the clutter and greet a stylish and functional living environment. Combine our custom furniture design knowledge with your individual panache and lifestyle to create your very own haven. Reject standard storage options – enhance your home with our tailor-made wardrobe solutions.

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