Sliding Doors

Sliding door wardrobes can be a great way of having fitted wardrobes in a space where opening hinged doors can be difficult. You can also use the doors to make the room feel bigger by using mirrors or glass.
You can choose neutral colours to make them blend into the wall or make them a feature by choosing a variety of panels in different colours making them stand out. They can also be used in awkward angled areas giving you full access to your storage and making the space look very stylish.
There is a full variety of internal storage to choose from. Allowing you to completely personalise the wardrobe to work for you.

Hinged Doors

With hinged doors you have a huge choice of designs and colours to choose from allowing you to truly make it your own. Using hinged doors for your wardrobes allow you to segregate your internal storage clearly and since everything we do is bespoke, we can design it to fulfill your storage needs without compromise.


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